Hack4Med to pierwszy w historii hackathon organizowany przez Szpital Uniwersytecki w Krakowie

Programmers in collaboration with medics have created a covid risk calculator

About The Event

Hack4Med is an event that brings together the world of medicine and modern technology. This is the first hackathon in Poland, which gave participants a unique opportunity to work conceptually on real, anonymized patient medical data.

The hackathon attracted 86 participants, who joined together to form 24 teams. Daredevils coded continuously for 24 hours to create unique projects within 3 different task categories.

Mentors, 15 in number, helped participants shape their ideas virtually around the clock, while the Jury spent several hours selecting the submitted projects.

During this time, participants drank more than 500 cups of coffee, ate 70 pizzas and a whole wagon of popcorn!

Daliśmy uczestnikom możliwość zapisania się w historii nie tylko programowania, ale i medycyny

by creating an innovative solution that can be realistically used in the fight against Covid-19 at the University Hospital. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology they have developed, doctors will be able to assess the risks associated with the course of patients' illnesses, allowing them to react in real time, preventing the catastrophic consequences of the epidemic
Marcin Jędrychowski, dyrektor Szpitala Uniwersyteckiego w Krakowie