Wirtualny hackathon na 60-lecie KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

CuValley Hackathon brought the world of data science and industrial engineering together

About The Event

CuValley Hack is a hackathon organized by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.. On the weekend of June 11-13, 289 participants competed against each other to accelerate projects with the support of KGHM experts within the growing Copper Valley.

69 teams coded continuously for 40 hours to create 53 projects under 3 different task categories. Mentors and the Jury, consisting of 25 people, selected the submissions for 7 hours. 14 projects advanced to the final, best solutions. However, only the most perfect concepts could be among the winners - there were a total of 7 and one honorable mention. The prize pool during the event reached 100 00 PLN!

Nie zwlekamy z dobrymi projektami. Gdy widzimy potencjał i konkretny efekt biznesowy, zabieramy się do pracy.

We know that the sum of small but good solutions translates into a better result. This is how we build our efficiency and innovation. We organized the Cu Valley Hack hackathon because we are open to new ideas and look for innovation. But our greatest success is that we don't shelve these ideas, but implement and put them into action
Adam Bugajczuk, wiceprezes KGHM ds. rozwoju