Cisco Connect

Cisco Connect

Prestiżowa konferencja biznesowa stworzona na zamówienie Cisco Connect

The meeting, attended by leaders of Poland's largest companies and technology and business visionaries. Special guests were Rudolph Giuliani - legendary mayor of New York City, Peter Hinssen - guru of innovative business thinking and author of the acclaimed book "The New Normal," about the relationship between technology and business, and Wojciech Cejrowski - Polish traveler, photographer, writer and publicist.

About The Event

Leadership and running a business are the main topics of Cisco Connect. The conference focuses on the topics of security and smart cities, which is why the special guest of the first edition was Major Rudolph Giuliani, the legendary mayor of New York City, who spearheaded numerous changes in city administration, resulting in the city's current safe and friendly economic growth environment. Rounding out the evening was a performance by renowned futurist Peter Hinssen, who introduced participants to the thinking behind the coming changes in the information age. The entire event was hosted, commented on and complemented by speeches from Cisco employees who encounter unusual implementations of networking solutions on a daily basis and can help any business grow.